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Allowing you to take control of your healthcare options.

We know insurance comes in all shapes and sizes these days - from high deductive plans, to minimum healthcare coverage, no insurance coverage and more.   So, we wanted to help our patients take control of their health and reach their healthcare goals.  

Heller Healthcare is implementing a new patient financing system.  We are proud to announce we have turned to Simple Select Patient Finance®, a patient financing system, to enable our patients to achieve the healthcare goals.   

The Program offers patients flexible financing, as well as an easier way to pay for treatments and procedures not covered by insurance, or to cover your deductibles.    The Simple Select family of Programs offers trusted financing options, as well as easy payment options, to give you a simple and more affordable way to pay.

Here’s everything you need to know about Simple Select


Options to help you take control of your health.


Simple Select Patient Finance® Program offers leading financial technology to Providers throughout the country to offer you fast, frictionless and attractive promotional financing options to our patients who qualify for financing provided.

Simple Select Patient Finance® is

  • Not a credit card.

  • No “gotcha” language.

  • No default or teaser interest rates.

  • No origination or closing costs.

Apply Online

Simple Select Patient Finance® offers you the entire financial process, but made easy and in half the time. This is great for patients who don’t want to worry about their finances while they are getting healthcare treatments and reaching their healthcare goals. 

Financing with

Simple Select Patient Finance®

All Of The Good Stuff,
None Of The Bad.



SimpleSelect removes the clutter from the entire financing process.

  • Easy to understand loan terms.

  • Better for your credit rating.

  • Generous grace periods for late payments.

  • Live customer service available 7 days a week.



A SimpleSelect loan is the best loan a patient can get in the industry.

  • Not a credit card.

  • No default interest rates.

  • No origination fees.

  • No “bait & switch”, variable interest rates.

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