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Dr. Jennifer Heller


Dr. Jennifer Heller is a licensed Chiropractor and Physical Therapist Assistant. She relocated from St. Louis to Georgia several years ago, and quickly realized that the Golden Isles and surrounding areas were lacking in an integrative medicine option. That's when she began building the groundwork to what is now 'Heller Healthcare.'    

Dr. Heller designed Heller Healthcare based on the best type of healthcare she wanted and needed for her own family, and herself.   She figured if she needed it, others would as well, and she was correct!    


Dr. Heller is dedicated to improving health, mobility, and quality of life by offering regenerative and functional medical options to her patients.   

Dr. Heller graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic and is fulfilling her purpose and lifelong dream of helping people not only get well but to stay well, naturally, without the use of drugs and unnecessary surgeries.

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Heller

"I put in my office what I want and need for my family and myself; so if I need it, I know others do as well."

Dr. Jennifer Heller

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